Professional Services

Cane Systems has unmatched experience in implementing the Granite Service Resource Management system. But we also work with other SRM platforms such as Cramer and Metasolv (UIM).

When you purchase and implement a SRM platform (like Granite, Cramer, or Metasolv) you're making a big investment. Not just in software, but the effort to load and maintaining the system is significant.

At Cane, we developed the best practices for implementing Granite! We know whats important (and whats not) when building the reference models for your SONET/SDH, DWDM, and MPLS networks. We understand the challenges in managing Trunk Group and traditional TDM services, and we know how to optimize Granite to get the most bang for your buck.

OSS Integration

You're not getting the full value out of these systems unless you're integrating them with others. And thats where we can really help. Here are some examples of value-added integration projects that weve done:

Job Accelerators

Most manual operations are repetitive and dont require the expertise of a network design engineer. We build webapps (in Granite using OPI) to simplify and streamline network design, maintenance, and reconciliation process. Here some examples:

Advanced Support

Cane provides advanced application and development support, including: