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What makes the Granite platform truly unique is the ability to extend the basic object model without having to recompile or redeploy the software. The out-of-the-box object-oriented design in Granite has all the basic building blocks for a telecommunications network:

With our deep understanding of the Granite Inventory suite, the Granite Guru Blog is here to describe some tricks of the trade and best-practices for getting the most out of Granites capabilities while not causing yourself unnecessary headaches when it comes time to upgrade.

Attachments Made Easy

Attachments are a great Granite feature. But heavy users can run in to problems. We've made it easier.

Granite Guru Blog

Locks How and Why

You want your OSS applications to be widely used, especially after making a big investment in them. And one of the most critical issues that arises during deployment is data contention.

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Licenses and the Users That Use Them

Any person who provides support for a Granite Inventory installation will invevitably need to know who is on the system and which licenses they are consuming. See how.

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SQL Debugging

Turn up the volumn on SQL logging to help debug and diagnose errors in the database. More...

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